The Collaborative Work of Barbara Shapiro and Chuck Quibell

Artists are profoundly aware of the preciousness of natural materials.  These pieces reflect the need to recycle, repair and reuse what we have in order to save our planet.

I recently made an offer to a group of wood turners to use my personal vocabulary of textile techniques to repair some of their vessels. Sometimes the wood cracked in drying. Sometimes the search for the finest turning created a bottom or side that was too thin. Some of these pieces were destined to be burned, and I wanted to save them.

Japanese artisans often use gold enamel to mend a precious ceramic piece that has cracked but not split in two. They revere the piece that is damaged but not destroyed in the kiln. I own one of these and love the abstract gold pattern contrasting with the traditional motif.

In "Mended Turnings," I honor the exquisite work of my collaborator, Chuck Quibell as together we create truly unique pieces.