In "Mantles" and "Scrolls," I explore man's need to visualize his understanding of order in the universe. Through the centuries, we have catalogued this search through images and text. The physical qualities of cloth are a part of my personal exploration. The sensuality of silk and velvet combined with their depth of color add a sacred quality to my work. Color and pattern are a language as evocative as script and in the search for understanding the cloth itself becomes hallowed.

The Scroll series was influenced by my travels in Japan and the Zen exhibit at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. My hand woven silk scrolls are meant to be meditative. It seemed appropriate to me to continue this series after 9/11 when everyone I knew was searching for some stability in a world suddenly mad. I incorporate elements of fire and water and seek to express the harmony and balance found in nature.

For me, the ikat lines represent written script, man's desire to give form and sense to the world around him. In some cases, contemplation reduces this desire to a single set of parallel lines.