A serial translation of Le Tissage Aux Cartons originally appeared in the TWIST Journal in 2001–2003. Newly revised, the translation is now available in book form. Le Tissage Aux Cartons was published in 1916, and some of its conclusions—including those about the Ramses sash—created considerable controversy. The book describes and categorizes many decorative motifs from Egyptian tombs, statues, and paintings; considers whether the patterns represent card woven bands; and provides instructions for creating many of the designs with card weaving.


Illustrated with six color plates of card woven bands, six black and white plates, and 135 line drawings, this translation includes the entire text, including the extensive footnotes and notes on the plates.

160 pages. 

This book is  now sold out. I am um unlikely to reprint it.

Note: Current members of TWIST can borrow it from the lending library. It can also can be found at research textile libraries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the De Young Museum, the Textile Museum at George Washington University, the Textile Museum in Toronto and elsewhere.

Le Tissage Aux Cartons dans L'Egypte Ancienne, by Arnold van Gennep and Gustave Jequier, 1916, was translated as Cardweaving in Ancient Egypt by Barbara Shapiro in 2010. THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD OUT.