I came to art with a strong background in literature and language. My earlier work in textile art included a series exploring the written word and the concept of ancient memories. These pieces were inspired by fragments of cloth or scrolls representing the record keeping of an ancient people. When viewing these earlier mixed media pieces, the contemporary viewer cannot quite decipher the mysterious script, but I hope he is moved to respect the intent of the artisan who put such effort into his work. Our desire to communicate and keep records is tied to our need to explain the mysteries of life. It is this need that links us to all other generations.

I continue to explore the evocative power of textiles along two complementary themes: the ties to old civilizations and the power invested in historic garments. Textile fragments speak of eternal truths even in their obscurity. These textiles tantalize my sense of kinship with lost civilizations. I believe that garments are often empowered with dignity through use. A textile that shows both the maker's hand and the wearer's body language connects all of us again to a wider world.