We work on commercial silk cloth that I provide and explore a number of stitched, bound, and clamped techniques appropriate for handwoven cloth. The first hour includes a slide lecture on shibori art done by the Japanese Shibori Community as well as slides of work by other artists, myself included, who use these techniques. We then each stitch, bind and clamp a sample piece that is dyed in the afternoon. We finish with a large place mat sized finished silk piece and the knowledge of how to apply these techniques to our own handwoven cloth. My previous students have been very happy with the results. We also work on the student's own handwoven silk cloth, or the workshop can be modified and we can work on cotton with indigo, which I would have to set up in advance for best results.

This is a one-day workshop.

We require a dye facility or kitchen area for the afternoon where we can set up one large electric dye-pot, or if you have a dye facility, we can use that. In addition we need a slide projector for the morning session, work tables, and an easel.

Students must bring a large eye needle, heavy nylon thread available at most sewing stores (sometimes called upholstery thread), scissors and rubber bands. I do the dyeing so aprons and gloves are not necessary but may be handy.

Material fee will be collected for heavy silk fabric, dyes, chemicals, and photocopies. I will also bring clamps, marbles, blocks, and other reusable supplies.

Maximum number of students is 20.

Ability level is all.